➤to change the hotmail password - outlook of a very simple and fast form you only must follow the steps that we showed next


as changing to the hotmail password - outlook



How to change the password of Hotmail – Outlook

Many years before Google sent its Gmail accounts, in the network the well-known Hotmail predominated this stayed at the top of the post office of electronic messaging, the same was bought by Microsoft which changed the name of the platform to Outlook unlimited hosting.

Although the Hotmail accounts no longer are available for new users at present still those that already had been created, with the passage of the years stay active those that still stay active is in a 75% accounts that are used for commercial aims and of work, is for that reason that to maintain them safe is fundamental.

2 Steps to change the password of Hotmail:

2.1 Because we must change the hotmail password?

3 fast Guía to change key of Hotmail.

How to change the password of Hotmail and Outlook

as changing homail password
Or we have mentioned that of Hotmail is only the accounts and the name of the different domains, so to accede to them you needed to enter by means the Outlook.com page, can also be acceded by means of Windows live, live mail, or any other option of which owns Microsoft.

Steps to change the password of Hotmail:

We must enter and initiate session with our Hotmail account:

Personal data to initiate session in Outlook

It introduces your data of present user and password to initiate the session correctly, in this point will appear in the part inferior an option that says To maintain the initiated session to you, this step you must omit it since if it brands will not allow to change the password you.

to change jomail password of outlook

It initiates the session.

to change contrasela of the hotmail e-mail outlook

Once already we have acceded to the Hotmail account, you must locate in the part superior the square that contains our name and the photo of profile.

as changing to the hotmail key outlook

We will pass mouse through the zone and will give click in the option to see account.

as changing password of hotmail outlook

Immediately when doing click, will appear in an independent eyelash, the right part we will find a card that offered the option to change password us.

Here you would locate the option to change password and it will ask to you that you introduce the present password again after you will have to place the new password and later to confirm new password.

If these changing some Outlook password, perhaps request a verification code to you to some of the accounts that you have associate.

To once it arrives you places it in the square that appeared and gives to you previously him to continue .

As safety measure Outlook.com offers the option to you to make periodic change of password, giving 30, 60 or 90 days as victory of passwords, it is recommended periodically to make the changes of passwords by security.

Because we must change the hotmail password?

These accounts of Hotmail even or are received by Microsoft so they serve to make any type of used transaction or being for any type as function.

  • If you have some suspicion that somebody can be after your data or your information of Hotmail, it will agree to you to make a preventive change of passwords, in addition this process would help you to avoid any kind of problem with your Hotmail mail dedicated server ip.
  • As you can see change the password of Hotmail is very simple, in addition if you are expert of the computers and you work very well with Hotmail, you can use the guide express that we will present to you next:
  • Fast guide to change key of Hotmail.
  • He initiates session in his account of Hotmail in outlook.com
  • He clicks in his name in the right part superior of the screen
  • He selects To see profile
  • He clicks in Changing password next to his email address
  • Microsoft will verify that you are who you solicit to change its password: it introduces its email address and it clicks in Sending code

It reviews its inbox to see if there is a code, soon introduce it in the navigator and you click in Sending.