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The 5 Better Finders of Torrents 2018

it finds the best finders of torrents 2018

Persecuted by dogs guardians of the piracy and services of streaming, the present landscape of torrents sees very different in comparison and so it hardly seemed some ago years. Some of the well-known sites public of torrents have closed their doors, and many others must continue changing of a domain name to other to only stay afloat.

It is a pity because the sites of torrents continue being excellent repositorios of legal content, including independent films and music, books that now are of public domain, legally obtained recordings of concerts and concerts, Linux distributions, material of learning of languages and much more.

Luckily, the days not yet are counted for the system of distribution of BitTorrent archives, and there are preparation a list of the 5 better finders of torrents than they are alive in this 2018.

These are the 5 better finders of torrents 2018


finder of torrents the pirate bay

ThePirateBayfue founded on 2003 by the Swedish Piratbyrån, that was created to support the free culture, exchange of information and intellectual property. The site quickly took off and it became a safe haven for the pirates of Internet worldwide.

In 2009, the founders of the website were demanded and declared guilty to help in the violation of the author rights. Thanks to the enormous support of the community, ThePirateBay not only has survived but it has possibly become the site of torrents more visited of the world.

Imitating the design of the web search engine of Google, ThePirateBay allows the users to easily realise a “pirate search” of torrents or to look for torrents by categories. The main categories include audio, video, applications, games, content for adults and books, but each category also is divided in several subcategories.

Being torrent the greater site of the world, ThePirateBay has something for all.

It is I number one without a doubt in the list of the best finders of torrents 2018 and aims to follow for a long time at the top but.


finder of torrent rarbg

RARBG has arisen as the more popular site from torrents for the fans to the cinema. Although RARGB also has other contents, the films and the TV shows dominate. Not only the new films and TV shows rise RARGB shortly after their official opening very, but normally they are available in several different qualities.

In order to help to find something entertained and that it is worth his time, RARBG him it includes a connection to IMDbjusto next to each torrent.

RARBG responds to the warnings of arrest of the DMCA quickly, but that has not prevented that becomes a target of the legislators in several countries of the world.

In this 2018, RARBG is blocked in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Morocco, Indonesia, Ireland, but in the countries of Europe and America it is possible to be located easily.

RARBG is the best torrent site for the fans to the cinema.

finder of torrents

EZTV used to be the home of a group that specialized in TV shows. After the group was closed, the site finished into the hands of a new owner, who opened it to the public and he turned it into which EZTV is nowadays: a site of torrents for TV shows.

EZTV causes that it is very easy to see what TV programs were sent what day, and allows the users to filter torrents by quality, popularity, name and several other parameters.

It is shelp that EZTV is better for the people than they see TV shows and hate to lose a single episode not even.


finder of torrents 1337x

1337x is a popular site of torrents with films, TV shows, games, music, applications, animates, documentary and other contents. 1337x was sent in 2007, during the apogee of the interchange of archives between pairs, and had an increasing popularity in 2016 after the closing of KickassTorrents. Not only the use of 1337x in the consultations search of Google is prohibited, but often it is only possible to be acceded to the site through his direction IP.

1337x distinguishes of other sites of torrents by its polished design and its excellent usability. Torrent are several forms to unload each, and all the content is classified properly in several categories.

This is the perfect tool for Users who look for an alternative ThePirateBay.


finder of toasts isohunt

isoHunt and ThePirateBay have several things common: both sites were founded on 2003, both have an enormous data base with million archives torrent, both were eliminated by legal action of MPAA, and, mainly, both continue being accessible until today.

What separates isoHunt of ThePirateBay and many other sites of torrents is the fact that isoHunt is in fact an index and repositorio of archives of torrents in line that spider to many of the most popular dredges of torrents and acts as the greater web search engine of torrents of the world.

isoHunt is the best thing for those than they want more than the traditional dredges of torrents they can offer, is without a doubt your better option.