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history of the logo of google


3 Which is the origin of the colors in the logo of Google?

logo of google 1997
4 peculiar Data on the geometry of the present logo

How developed was the Logo from its origin to the present time? Pre-launch of the logo of Google done by two College students of Stanford

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logo of gogle 1998
It is very important to know complete history, to begin, the first logo of Google was created in 1997 by the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It was a a little lethargic design but it is not necessary to request much, were programmers nondesigners.

Nevertheless, a year later in 1998, Sergey Brin designed a new logo for the finder. This time hit upon to him, was a logo very similar to the one of the present time, went the first step to that logo that with as soon as to see already we know it in question. In this subtle design much more and better made, in which it was possible to be appreciated the colors that today we know very well and that represent this finder.

A version in way of test of the logo of Google

In addition to the logo an exclamation sign was added to him in the end, says that to design this logo, Sergey used the publisher of images GIMP.

It did not pass much so that the following year the founders of the web search engine contracted a professional to make the design of the logo of Google. Ruth Kedar, a attending professor of the Stanford university (he is possible to clarify that Sergey and Larry studied in that university) was ordered to design several bosquejos of logo for the web search engine where after many attempts, he obtained it.

To the eighth proposal, Ruth managed to give with the logo that all we know, a logo that what all we saw in our screens by more than 10 years. She was used as the official logo of Google from the 31 of May of year 1999 to the 5 of May of year 2010. In this design the characteristic colors stand out that always we have seen, a so simple design and nice at sight that we could continue seeing per years without finishing boring to us of him, that was the key.

history of the logo of google
The Catull typography was used, with some shades lighter and nice many than those of the previous logo, and a tonality of the colors quite comfortable to see. I warn to you that soon I will speak to you about the colors of the finder, so if interests to you, be left you to by more!

We speak of his redesigns, and why they appeared?

Evolution of the logo of Google from 2010 to the 2015

If you have realized, the Google company redesigned its logo, from its last change of image, arrives year 2010, this year the company sends a quite subtle redesign, which is a small change in its shade, but not very perceivable nevertheless, the great reduction of shades can be noticed that it had, this with the purpose of to have a cleaner logo.

Then, in September of the 2013 we have another small redesign, quite nice, in this, completely eliminate the shades and bevels of the logo, doing it a totally flat image, thus happening to a much more modern aspect using a style “flat” that it was tendency at that time.

Finally, in 2015, the new design of the logo of Google, a great change is worn for the first time the month of September, but even so without losing the style that has done it so known. In this case, the typography “catull” was replaced by a as simple one as serif is “sans” is a very simple but aesthetic typography, the colors continue being the same, but with a more tenuous and opaque tone.

colors of the logo of google
Is appraised much more geometric and cleared letters, in addition to very a well distributed thickness in each one of the letters that much agrees with the spaces among them, in conclusion, a very good play of Google, to very many people has liked, now I want she your opinion,  have you liked that design?

Which is the origin of the colors in the logo of Google?

These are the colors that conform the logo of Google until the present time

Then this it is a very funny fact, I will ask something to you, of insurance you have seen very many times in your life the logo of Google, but perhaps You can remember the order of his colors?

It is very probable that very few know it, I refresh a little to you the memory: blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red. Very well, if you are of the few that guessed right it, Congratulations! , now you know the four colors that exist in the logo of Google I will say his origin to you.

geometry of the logo of google
This sequence of colors is based on the simple fact that the original servant of Google, was constructed with LEGOS, exactly with legos of those colors, and yes, that servant was who gave the huge idea them to put those colors to him to so known logo. In case you wanted to know it, the computer that was used as servant is on campus in a located museum of main the Googleplex headquarters with vps hosting with ssd, in Mountain View, California.

Peculiar data on the geometry of the present logo

Perfect geometry of the present logo of Google