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history of the Apple logo


2 the second: The colorful apple

3 the third party: The monochrome apple

First: The emblem of Newton

This it was the first official logo of the Apple company, which was created by Ronald Wayne in 1976. A design in black and white with a pennant that says “Apple Computer Co” around a postcard in which the image of a man is seen reading a book under an apple tree in which a shining apple notices envelope he. This clear one that it alludes to the great physicist Isaac Newton.

Without a doubt, this logo was terrible, was recharged, with many details that would complicate by much their reproduction, in addition to being a logo with a very old aspect also is necessary to take into account that if the apple is the main aspect, then, is very hidden, not even stands out in the image. By these and many more reasons, Steve Jobs decided to quickly change this logo by one much more professional one.

The second: The colorful apple

There am, the one of the most famous logos for all time, apple rainbow of Apple was without a doubt the best change of image here than it could have after that first logo, a so simple design but that it managed to identify to the company by much, a flat design of an apple, something as simple as that, and with some colors that made it seem so alive and cheers.

Was designed by Rob Janoff, who worked in agency Regis McKenna, that was contracted by Jobs for the design of the new logo, Janoff is an experienced designer who has created logo for many brands recognized as IBM or Fedex.

Ignoring the great amount of theories that exist on this design, official history dictates that Janoff I buy a pile of apples to be inspired by the design of the logo, after to think and to cut many apples, Janoff hit the target and I present to Jobs a flat design to him to a single color of a wasted apple. To Jobs it enchanted to him but it shelp lack ago something to make his more human company more and thus it was that the characteristic dressing of colors was added.

The third party: The monochrome apple