➤If you want a gratuitous Emulator for android, here you have a list of ✅ the Best Emulators for Android 2018 ✅ that you can use in your PC to execute the functions of your Android device.


the best emulators android 2018


3,2 Nox

3,3 Koplayer

3,4 Bluestacks

3,5 Genymotion

That is an Android Emulator?

  • An emulator of androids a software that can use in its PC to execute the functions and operations of its Android device without no physical connection.
  • There are so many Android present emulators in Internet as gratuitous source and of payment also. But today we bring the 5 better gratuitous emulators to you paraAndroid.
  • They are very useful why you are dealing with your PC if you want at the same time to execute your Android and your PC in one only. It could be for intentions of recording of screen how to directly conduct some operations in his PC without using his Android device.
  • That they offer the Android emulators to us
  • You can play Android games directly in your PC.
  • It can directly reproduce all the present videos in his Android in his PC without needing moving them.

Him help to explore present documents in its Android device.

the best emulators android 2018

Also it helps you to directly personalize your configuration of Android from your PC.

In this way, it will be able to completely control, to personalize and to supervise his Android device in his PC.

emulator memu for android

I hope that you have understood the meaning of and muladorandroidy its functions and advantages.

The 5 better emulators for android 2018

  • Without speaking and we happen much to the list of the best gratuitous Android emulators available for PC. Thus, next is the list of the best gratuitous emulators of Android
  • Memu
  • In the first position, it would prefer and suggest the emulator of MEmu androids. The fact that it has given to account of which the interface and the functions me of MEmu, as they are, are so nice and easy to use.
  • Characteristics
  • It presents Android experience completes with an elegant and nice interaction in the writing-desk.
  • MEmu provides a very flexible personalisation (CPU, size of memory, resolution, model of device, location of the navigation bar, way root, screen, interface and many but functions).
  • It allows the usuary options as far better Assigning the keyboard to the touch screen for a experience of game in the writing-desk.

MEmu allows to happen through the data of the sensors (for example, accelerometer) to Android, reason why it can play racing cars as games very intuitively that really very nice.

emulator nox

To allow simulation of GPS location

Very easy To share archives between Windows and Android using this software.

  • Also it allows a very fast installation of APK in Android dragging & dropping from any present place in the windows.
  • Nox
  • In the second position is the emulator of Nox androids. Also it provides a very good interface in his PC.
  • Characteristics

It provides a very simple interface that it causes that this application is easy to use.

emulator to koplayer

Nox allows the intuitive allocation of keyboard for the controls of applications and games in its PC.

Also it supports multiple control systems in PC

  • Very stable, trustworthy and easy to use.
  • Koplayer
  • In 3ª position, is the emulator Koplayer android, very impressive and of free use. In terms of reliability in comparison with both previous, I have placed this in third position.
  • Characteristics
  • In Koplayer, several languages are admitted, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thailander.
  • Koplayer supports to maintain all the applications and installed data of the old version, if there is some.
  • It has a better way of graphical representation for a flowed better game and more.
  • It includes a switch of ignition and extinguished for the Root function that is very useful.

Its section “Hot” recommends the newest and interesting games to you

emulator bluestacks

It allows the users to introduce manually the coordinates to locate positions.

The gifts optimize the time of ignition, the use of the CPU and the memory, which is a good characteristic.

A good additional characteristic is To optimize the effect full-screen and the fast interface

  • Bluestacks
  • Although, Bluestacks is very popular but nowadays, he is not very popular. Because all the emulators androids before mentioned have surpassed to bluestacks in many more characteristics. So, I have put it in 4ª position.
  • The main reason by that I have placed it in 4ª position in this list of better emulators for android 2018 is that after some time it does not respond well. And also one is pleased somewhere. Also it makes you install additional applications to be able to use it completely, which is not good absolutely.


emulator genymotion

The majority of the games plays well

Much RAM does not use

  • Easy to install and to use
  • Genymotion
  • Finally, but not less important. Genymotion is also one of the very good emulators gratuitous androids, but he is a little slow and not very impressive to use, but it could be very good for another person.
  • Characteristics
  • It can prove different Android applications easily.
  • Also it provides surroundings virtual and good to prove some Android applications.

Genemotion trusts the OpenGL technology.

It provides a complete support for all the main Android devices.