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5 Huge image viewers that all would have to try

Or you are photographer or designer, or even only somebody that it likes much to see photos, and the tools that contribute natively your computer are not of your taste, we are going to you to present the 5 better options to choose good viewfinders of you imagine, something versatile, that it allows you to quickly appreciate or a pile of images and without consuming many resources in your computer, something that allows you to order your collections of way fast and easy, but also that has the capacity of an image viewer raw something very comfortable.

1.5 1) FastStoneimageviewer

Top of the 5 better image viewers for Windows 10

5) Xlideitimageviewer

This wonderful freeware, is a viewfinder of photos for Windows, very little known but very powerful, it counts on a bar in the part inferior in which they are possible to be seeing all the miniatures that you want, a flank counts on a processor of basic but very useful image, and in the part superior it has a bar of tools with several options of the viewfinder.

You can obtain this tool in the section of projects in sourceforge.net in his portable version with all specifications.

4) Fragment image to viewer

This freeware is another one, has the good characteristic that he is a very good explorer of archives, also has a bar superior where miniatures can be seen, in addition to that account with a basic processor of image that allow you to trim, to turn, and to publish colors of the photos, in addition is able to open to archives GIF and a countless number of formats.

3) ImageGlass

This it is a very versatile image viewer, has a quite nice interface, in addition to these supports a pile of image formats, in addition it has the function to turn images to 14 different formats.

In spite of having that so well worked interface, it is a very slight program that consumes relatively few resources in your computer. Also it has the option to directly raise photos Facebook from the program.

2) Nomacs

A new program in comparison to many viewfinders, has good navigation between its archives in the form of tree or of viewfinder in miniatures. He is very fast, it has a good vision in complete screen and allows to do basic adjustments to him of brightness, contrasts, saturation, etc. Has many options that help to see and to compare images, in addition allows formats RAW and PSD, you even can keep frame in particular from a GIF.

He is available in MacOs, Windows and Linux, in addition it has portable versions, is a very simple but very powerful viewfinder.

1) FastStoneimageviewer

One of the viewfinders more complete than can have, a very simple and comfortable interface, I say that he is one of most complete, since aside from offering you support to many formats this also it offers information and metadata of the photo.

It has a quite good publisher of images, and an also very good navigation, you can sail between folders and miniatures. When being in complete screen just by to move the leader by the corners they appear the options as the metadata, navigator, publisher, etc.