➤as cleaning the screen of portable ✅ with these simple steps


as cleaning the screen of the portable PC safely



How to clean the screen of the portable one safely

Glass of water spilled in portable PC
When is to maintain cleaning the screen of its portable one, all we know that it is a battle uphill. The simple fact that the food, the greasy drinks and hands never they are far, means that the risk of dirty splashes and spots of digital tracks always is there.

Steps to clean the screen of the portable one safely 

Before beginning to clean it we must know that any contact of our portable with water or alcohol can bring about damages in the circuits for that reason we must be very cautious and to make sure to fulfill each one of the instructions that we will present to you so that this not us pass:

Accident with a glass of water spilled in a Portable PC

It extinguishes the portable equipment 

as cleaning the screen of a portable computer
Make sure that its portable one is dull and unplugs the adapter of current and the battery. The cleaning of a screen that is in use can bring about permanent damages, so to be safe, extinguishes the portable one, does not put it to sleep.

To interfere with any pixel while still it is going off could mean great problems for its portable one more ahead. To extinguish the portable one also will allow to see better the dirt, the dust and the dirt him because it is working with a dark surface.

The USA only microfiber in the Screen

Cleaning a Portable PC with a Microfibra cloth

It obtains a microfiber cloth. They are made with a weave type that does not leave down, in addition to being very smooth. If you use a paper towel, toilet paper, fabric t-shirt or another type, will leave small particles in your screen and it could even line it.

It is always good for having a microfiber cloth, since they also are useful to clean all type of screens and lenses, as smartphones, tablets and cameras.

as cleaning the computer with products
It cleans with smoothness

It smoothly cleans the screen of the portable one with the cloth. A pair of sweepings with the microfiber cloth must have well-taken care of with the dust and the loose particles that adhere to the screen. Make sure to clean smoothly, without exerting too much pressure. If it presses with too much force could damage the screen, but it fulfills the indications fully will be able to clean the screen of the portable one safely.

The best liquid solution for the computer chooses

Products to clean the laptop safely

For some of the most difficult points it is possible that it needs a liquid solution. It slightly sprinkles his microfiber cloth with a small amount of cleaning solution without ammoniac alcohol nor – simply it does not soak it, is important to make sure that too much does not get wet. If accidentally it uses too much water, the cloth slips well until he is slightly humid. It smoothly cleans the screen with the microfiber cloth from top to bottom with a circular motion. It never rubs the screen, since it could burn pixels.

What not to do: It is not let take by the idea to directly sprinkle too much liquid in the screen of the portable one. This significantly increases the risk that water enters the internal operation of the portable one, which causes that a short or permanent and expensive damage is much more probable.

I varied the cloth

If it has a second dry microfiber cloth, it continues using it to eliminate any rest of dirty oil. It is important not to leave no liquid remains in the screen during too much time, since this can damage the screen of the portable one.

  • Take care of yourself of the keyboard
  • Another thing to consider is that the keyboard can also create “spots” in the screen of the portable one. These are difficult to avoid and still more difficult to clean. The best thing than can be done is to take some preventive measures. In order to help to reduce the spots, it considers to keep between the keyboard and the screen the smooth cloth and without downs that use to clean the screen within the portable one.
  • Taken care of TIPS of (Precaution)
  • It avoids that humidity enters anyone of the ports of the portable one.
  • It avoids to use a cleaner with alcohol in his device, since it will damage the protective coating of the majority of the touch screens and will ruin his device. It does not use regular products of cleaning in his screen. The only safe cleaners for their screen are with water or a cleaner proven in laboratory for screens LCD.
  • He does not use the following thing: cleaner of multipurpose windows, cleaner, dishwasher or soap of any type.
  • To clean or to clean the screen of portable with the face towels of paper or handkerchiefs is not a good idea, since they can line the surface of the screen. A microfiber cloth is really the only safe way to clean the sensible screen of its portable one.

Unlike the paper towels, our delicate microfiber cloth cleans the sensible glass of their portable one, computer or PC without lining the surface. Unlike other cloth that simply scatters the dirt around the screen, the microfibers attract and eliminate not wished the digital tracks and the dust.