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panic of kernel

What is the Panic of Kernel? and As Preventing it

It is hated of the errors that can happen in the computers is the mentioned Kernel Panic, that translated to our Spanish language means Kernel Panic this serious error takes place in the nucleus of the operating system and this it reacts with a panic attack in kernel, leaving consequently the lost one of all action that this executing itself at the moment since this error arrives without previous warning.

3 Is Your computer only reinitiated constantly?

What Reasons Produce a Panic of Kernel?

  • One of the main reasons or causes that produce this error of panic in the nucleus is:
  • It finds a software failure in the code or stack of kernel.
  • When this processing much information altogether that the computer does not support and is a period of long time in this process, the ram memory and usually gives errors taking to produce the Panic of kernel.
  • Another one of the causes can be the incompatibility of some device hadware connected to the computer.
  • Also it can happen that we have an installed software badly or producing some incompatibilities since this can bring about panics in the nuclei of the equipment.

To assure to you that Hard Disco (Hard Disk) this functional one perhaps since if this it produces a strange noise is the aim of that hadware.

Experiences with this error kernel

It has passed you that you want to transfer a file to the computer through a Pen Drive or Memoria USB and when connecting throws it the blue screenshot of the death this error also is very common in the operating systems Windows that when not giving him to a suitable maintenance the infected computer of virus and multiple damages is entailed to that it happens this error that like kernel Panic you will not be able to recover the information that tapeworms then.

How To prevent the Panic in the Kernel?

Since we have an idea of where they come these serious errors we can come to a general evaluation of our equipment considering that the panic of kernel greater mind takes place by the bad operation of the Ram memory and the operating system.

Is Your computer only reinitiated constantly?

  • Recommendations:
  • If you this happening this error very frequently you do a control of ram memory you must clean it or replace it by a new one.
  • It updates the operating system but before doing the computer in safe way executes it so that some errors are repaired.