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What is and how work does the Nanotechnology?

as the nanotechnology works

We live in a world in which the technology this giving some incredible jumps, realising scientific experiments that the human being stops can be inexplicable. Here the Nanotechnology enters game. The advance of science is wonderful and as it has a significant impact in the humanity.

The Nanotechnology is used for the creation or construction of objects, to cure diseases with medicines made with this science, biochemistry and physics.

What is the Nanotechnology?

It is the future of the technological science that allows to work micro atoms and to realise a manipulation of the matter, evolving scientific equipment and developing abilities that can help the humanity to have in their hands one it cures of which he is practically incurable, for this works the nanotechnology.

The Nanotechnology owns three important materials created by this science that are:

  • Nanocristal: it is a flexible crystalline material that is used in the optical electronics.
  • Carbon nanotube: this it is a microscopic tube formed by graphite layers and diamonds for the filtration of water and oil.
  • Nanocable: she is one structures molecular with electrical properties that are used as semiconducting diodes and emitters of light LED and in the medicine these are used for the early detection of the cancer.

So that it serves the Nanotechnology?

It serves to undergo and to obtain a system of manipulation to the matter that has a great evolution reaching levels that only with that science can be obtained, example: The Medicine that is one of the main approaches that the nanotechnology for the health care has publishes.

History of the Nanotechnology

This begins 29 December of the 1959 when the winner of the Nobel prize Richard Feyma n was first in making reference to the possibilities of the Nanociencia and Nanotecnologia in its speech is a space that exceeds.

If we go away to the economy the countries of the Third World are those that but are interested to invest in this technology since this science can change to the world in which we lived on such form that is dealt with much precaution.

Opinions of Scientists

They say that they are realising advanced experiments trying about on manipulating at a high level to arrive at a full success in the area of the medicine.

On the other hand the Nanotechnology is a so powerful science that it can get to create robotic objects with spectacular movements that you will only be able to see in science films fission.