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I can play games of Ps3 in Ps4? Yes, they see here and discovers how

to play games of ps3 in ps4

If you are a user of Ps4 probably you have had desire sometimes to play some title of Ps3 or to return it to play if you had this console, or that you own the games in physicist or who you want them to buy to play them. Lamentably ps4 does not count on retro compatibility, nevertheless, exists diverse methods to be able to play old games. Now we explained to you.

Why doesn't ps4 have retro compatibility?

compatible games ps3 with ps4

This is something that many discuss, perhaps is a point against for Sony in not including the retro compatibility with previous games as was possible in its previous versions as in ps3 or ps2 that allowed to use discs of their preceding consoles and to play them directly. Pitifully in the case of ps4 this is not possible, without inserted a disc of PS3 in a PS4 this will not recognize the disc, this is right.

The reason by which this console does not support the retro compatibility, is because the developers of the console bet to change the chip of processing of this, thought that it would be a much greater improvement as far as his unfolding in the new games and the new graphs of the market, nevertheless, this was at the cost of something, of its retro compatibility, something that made him be bad before Microsoft with its opponent the XBOX One, which if it supports the retro compatibility with all consoles.

Then the consoles of Sony before, had a unique processor that towards being what they are, some consoles, but decided to become to a processor a little more conventional, with an architecture x86 similar to the computers. This change caused that they had a great difference of processing with previous consoles, therefore made difficult in very great way the retro compatibility of this console, to the point of which never it perhaps has it.

But leaving this back Be played can games of Ps3 in Ps4?

it is possible to be played games of ps3 in ps4

The answer is yes, although the collection is small, Sony has not taken leave absolutely of the retro compatibility reason why it has chosen to do happy to his public with some titles, this because they were made Remakes of some of greatest jewels of the previous console, having improved these titles in his gameplay and its graphical aspect for the people who lost these titles, or for that have wanted them to return to play.

Obvious this has the disadvantage of which although or you have played it or of which or you have it, you must return it to buy, as if outside a new game, although always usually is enough the more cheap that the games of the present time.

Another option that I leave Sony for retro the compatibility was a patch that allows by means of physical games or digital that already you have, to install a digital version of that game that has been made compatible with ps4, although is a very small list of games.

As last option I present PSNOW to you, it is a service of Sony for games in Streaming, is available in PC and in ps4, this account with a great collection of games of ps3 and only by the sum of monthly 10$, nevertheless, not yet is available in many countries, but you can decide on a gratuitous test of 7 days changing to a direction of the United States.