➤It learns to ✅ Reparar an USB memory damaged ✅ or Recognized with these simple steps that we are going to show to you it does not enter and it repairs to your memory usb.


as repairing to a memory usb damaged


2.1 basic Formateo and of low level

2,2 Cleaning using Diskpart de Windows

What causes these kinds of problems?


One of the main guilty of this kind of problems can be a virus, is very common in this type of equipment, or is in cards multimedia, pendrive or portable hard disks, these usually attack of different forms and sometimes they leave unusable the storage unit.

One of the virus most common is the Recycler call, that turns pendrive and everything what there is in her in a direct access, including the system files, which leaves the immune virus to I even format.


If we spoke of cards multimedia or pendrive, the damages are not so appellants for this reason, nevertheless the same can happen, most delicate to the falls are the portable hard disks, to the being greatest and heavy, a fall can be serious since its blow can generate that it is disturbed.       

Sometimes they cause damages that a technician can repair, but others are irremediable, thus always he is recommendable to treat by far well-taken care of these devices and to avoid at all costs that it falls.


It is probable that one of these devices undergoes a short one, or some electrical damage in one of its components this can happen due to you cut steep of electricity or falls in the tension.

These damages normally are repairable by technicians but it depends on the damage degree that has suffered.

I must tell you that all the damages that can undergo one of these units are not repairable, since the software bugs strong or those errors of hardware is very common that leaves unusable.

Methods to repair an USB memory damaged

Position to that all the problems are not equal, we will come to give an explanation of different methods for the most popular cases, which are software problems, if you are sure that your device is damaged by hardware is better than you take it to a technician to see if it has salvation.

I format basic and of low level

First that everything you would have to be safe than it had in the USB memory or what still it has but that you cannot accede, if you have archives of much importance you cannot format the memory, but have archives of little importance you can come with this happened. For it, your computer must recognize the device, if it is thus, you can format the memory with the options that Windows brings, we recommended I format slow and in all sectors.

For this you only must click right in the unit of storage and to select to format, soon will appear to you a series there of options and of insurance the option will be selected of I format fast, is will distill it and leave I format slow, selecting in its options that review, clean and format all the sectors.

If you see that this does not provide effect, you would have to resort to a software of I format of low level, is a type of I format deeper. Which allows to format to the unit until of the archives more protecting than it has.

If you want to have one of these programs I invite to you to investigate in Internet, they exist diverse software that fulfill this requirement, some of payment, others of free, some best ones than others, but always they are used to act that as. Normally always it works, although there are problems that are irreparable.

Cleaning using Diskpart de Windows

This method is very when you connect your unit of storage to the computer and this it does not recognize it, can be many it reasons as for example that it does not own format or any other thing, this method will serve to clean and to assign us the partition again pendrive.

For this, the first step will be to connect the device to the USB port of the computer, and followed of this, we will open the symbol of the system of Windows (CMD).

In order to open it, we will only press the button of beginning, and in the bar to look for we will write to execute, soon we will press the Enter button (or simply to use the keyboard shortcut “button beginning + R), when doing this will open a small window, in her you will write “CMD” and you will press to accept, will open a new window to you with the symbol of the system there.

In this window we will make all the process. With the device in the USB port connected, we will write the commando “Diskpart” in the CMD.


After which this it is executed, we will come to write the commando

“list disk”

After this, in the window of the CMD they will appear a series of data, these are data on the discs that there are in our computer at this moment. Normally they will leave the hard disks to you that you have in your system plus the extraíble disc which you connected, you will realize what is each looking at its size. Normally the hard disk usually is the disc number 0, but this can vary.

To the knowledge which is our extraíble unit, we will come to do the following thing. First I will explain the hypothetical situation to you of which the hard disk is the disc number 0 and the extraíble disc that you want to repair is number 1, in this case you will use the commando of this form.

“select disk 1”

The number in the end indicates the number of disc with which it is going away to work, so you must always choose the correct one so that you do not ruin your hard disk or another disc that you do not want to clean

Followed of this tipiaremos the commando “Clean”, who will format the memory totally.

“they clean”

         When clean being completely the disc, we will come to create a partition and to give format him. For it, after using the Clean commando and that this has worked, we will write “creates partition to you primary” this will create the partition of the disc, now follows to activate it for his operation. For it tipiaremos the commando “activates”

“primary creates partition to you”

“it activates”

With this it must be the active partition, the last step will be to give format him. For it we will select the format that we are going to use in our unit, can be FAT32 or NTFS. For it we must choose one of these commandos.

“format fs=Fat32” to choose format FAT32 or