➤It learns everything about ✅ Nano Células Solares? ✅ that is and that advantage has this technology, also you can learn who invention this technology


nano solar cells


Nano Células Solares that They changed to the World

Thanks to the advances of the technology already we are in the future in which we can say that the nanotechnology is becoming a reality, that would say the human being is possible to create technologies on so small scales that they are imperceptible to the human eye.

Thanks to this technology, they have designed a solar system of energy based on this concept, that is to say, solar cells made with nanotechnology, even possible be used as if outside painting common and current but with the properties to catch energy and to transform it into electricity.

This material that this developing ones will be able to be extended of very easy way, another important factor that brings with if its complete development of satisfactory way will be able to be made this material on a greater scale soon to be commercialized with much more accessible prices that those of the present photovoltaic technology.

1.3 It will be possible to be used in almost any thing!

nano solar cells
2 Who development this technology?

What advantages bring the use of this technology?

In this image we can observe as this projecting the light in the solar cells

Position to that every time we consumed more fuels, will arrive a little while in which no longer is nothing, and despite this, also, the fuels that we used are very harmful for the environment, all those petroleum products and many gas types are excessively polluting for all the environment, which brings about damages in the ozone layer, increasing more and more global warming.

Considering this, and that we possibly arrive at a point that we remain without fuels is necessary to innovate with new methods that allow us to generate new energy sources. The best way is the called energy green, or that one that damage to the environment does not do, as the solar energy, the Aeolian one, and the hydraulics.

In this case, a solar technology is being developed, that avoided the harmful fuel use and that can also be very expensive, in addition, thanks to the technology nano, this technology will be able to be used on a large scale when the developers fulfill 10 or a 15% of the efficiency as far as the light that catch. At present, these sensorial ones only have the efficiency of about 3 or 5 percent, but it is time question so that in the future this number is high and we will be able to use this technology in the day to day.


nanocelulas solar
The main advantage of this type of solar cells is its application, thanks to the small size of each of the cells that are microscopic, is possible to use it in a great amount of forms, for example, it says that it will be possible to apply it as a painting species or an additive to construction components, thus is possible that in the future, we see construction equipments with nano built-in cells.

Differences with the common solar panels.

Reflecting the light in different panels. Nanocelulas solar

Obvious the main difference is the technology that applies in this operation, but despite this, has been used a method in the construction of these cells so that they catch more energy than the traditional solar panels, since in these cells, there are small cells that form towers, this difference to the panels that are totally flat, have a greater area with the one than to detect more light and to generate more electricity.

nano solar cells
This type of panels panels denominated themselves 3D, since they include a design with something of dimension done with microscopic towers that are composed by carbon carbon nanotubes. These unlike the conventional panels do not reflect light, if not who catch all that can from many ángulosasí do not have direct light can thus generate electricity more easily that the conventional panels.

It will be possible to be used in almost any thing!

Nano Células solar will be able to be used for any thing in the world.

Inclusively a Spray has been created that contains these solar cells, could at home be used, automobiles, clothes, in almost any place that you need to provide energy to him, will be a total change for the future, we will be able to generate energy in almost any thing of easy and ecological way with solar energy.

There are the news that this type of technologies is developed and who could be sold in the great markets to a much more cheap price that the conventional solar panels, hopes that they are possible to be sold in any place and who they are applicable to any surface as if outside a painting, only pinto the place which you want with spray and generated electrical energy, says that this is a proposal that is possibly viable in about five years.

Also it is spoken of being much more cheap that the component that is used for the conventional photovoltaic panels but who they are able to produce the same energy.

Who development this technology?

This huge technology was begun to develop by a set of investigators in the Georgia Tech Research Institute of the United States. This it is an institute that is in charge of the investigations in many scientific branches to discover and to improve new technologies.

It works with many clients, the government of the United States even receives technologies of them. The pioneers of the technology of the photovoltaic cells composed by nanotechnology and those were these that are trying to take this invention to the world.

These nano cells were named as one of the inventions that they changed to the world in the future, for that reason many investigators and investors have position the eye exceeds she.