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types of power supplies


What types of power supplies exist at the moment?

At present several types of power supplies these exist can be used in electronic devices as they can be: motherboards of computers or mothernoard the majorities of these motherboards work with ATX or similars. SFX exists another called type this is characterized for being used in small electronic devices that usually do not consume much energy.

3,1 Main Functions:

that it is a power supply

4 What Types of Power supply Exist?

What is a Power supply?

  • He is one of the important devices but of the electronic devices since this he is the one that provides the energy or electrical current to him for its correct ignition. This source is used in equipment as computers, televisions, generators, printers, another small source of feeding is your shipper of your mobile phone.
  • Types of power supplies: Generic and Original

Generic: These types of electrical power supplies are much more cheap that the original ones and are designed to adapt to a table computer with some requisite minimums by a if to say it. This type of sources does not contribute the greater yield of the computer since these are limited so much in the connection otherwise devices as in watts, with an efficiency below 70%.

Original: They are those that by defect come in an original equipment it give account you because these power supplies are name brand example: Gasterway, HP, Compaq, ect. These sources if they offer the yield adapted for each device that is connected to the computer.

Types of power supplies for PC

In these we can find a difference of other types of voltage sources since those of a computer must to have a yield adapted according to the voltage that provides the transformer. So that a computer can work suitably is necessary to provide current electrical to each one of the components that comprise of the computer. For this it is important that this PC counts on a source of being able or feeding (Power Supply).

  • Functions
Types of power supplies for PC

To transform the AC voltage of commercial the electrical line into direct current and to provide the suitable amount that the devices require and to protect the devices and electronic components of the problems in the electrical provision as ascents and slopes of voltage here a graph.

voltage of power supply
In this image one is the main Functions of a power supply.

The voltages provided by the power supply to the computer are:

Voltages that a source of being able has.

What Types of Power supply Exist?

characteristics of the power supplies

Two types exist who are: AT and ATX AT: They practically are outside the market since they cannot adapt to the new computers but it is possible that you are with them in very old computers of first generation.



Account with a switch to be able to ignite it and is an energy economizer since when pressing the button of dull does not remain in delay way, if not that cuts the power supply totally, it handles 400 250 power of watts to watts, his components are a ventilator to expel the hot air that generate the transforming of energy maintaining an suitable level of cooling.

Also it counts on an feeding connector that is where it goes connected to the cable of the current provision. Selector of voltage this allows to select the suitable voltage of the source that can be of 127 or 240 volts. Account with a connector of provisions to other devices that allows to feed certain monitors CRT. Connector AT this is the one that feeds the card mother or motherboard. Connector of 4 Molex terminals that is used to feed hard disks and the optical units. ATX: It is the power supply but installed in the present computers account with a pulser instead of a switch for his ignition, it consumes minimum amounts of electricity.