➤Cybercrimes ✅ or computer science Crimes are by all the Internet and in this Web aprenderas as preventing these 【Cybercrimes】 and that types of exist.




What is a Cybercrime? Types and as Preventing them

A Cybercrime is a fraudulent action that recurrently happens in average digitalises, as in the Internet. He is very habitual in computers and cell phones, or everything what has to do with Internet. Before nothing, I must tell you that any person who uses the Internet frequently can be able to even commit one of these crimes without realizing.

Also they are not suffered in all the regions but many actions can incur to this type of crimes, for example, just by to unload a program or a song rights of author without at least paying or consent of the author you can incur to this crime.

These usually are precise crimes that even consist of an only act as indicated above of the piracy or the propagation of virus and robbery of identity. Although these when committing them often become a more serious crime happening to the type of crimes apt appellants of ciberdelincuencia, in these also we found the excess of piracy or some case in which identities are supplanted to commit any illicit activity, and even the harassment.

2,8 Piracy

3 computer science Crimes recognized by the Organization of the United Nations

Of what these Cybercrimes consist?

With ta to only tighten a key of the computer you can be committing a cybercrime

It will explain to you as they are included this type of crimes by the law, so that you know well how they work and you know that you must make to avoid this type of cybernetic crimes can also be considered as they cibercrimen.

In order to commit this type of crimes the use of means is necessary, this means are not nothing else that the computer science one, and in they include all the computer science devices and of communication such as the cell phones, computers, etc.

And those are punished that they have as reason inflict casualties, robberies, damage or any act that affects the integrity of information or any computer science system, such acts to share malware or to rob identities are common.

types of cybercrimes
These normally are defined as atypical conducts of the people who usually use computers or these devices, these atypical conducts lie down to being what it would not be due to do in the networks, as example is all the named acts previously.

What Types of Cybercrimes Exist?

The Great majority of the hacker commits these cybercrimes.

Next, we will explain to you as they are the types of more common computer science cybercrimes that they are used:


It is the propagation of electronic messages in the form of Spam, normally are used the e-mails for this, is to accede illegally to data bases to compile contact information, to all these contacts messages are sent to them massively to their post office that contain falsified information, that it is used recurrently to manage to deceive the person and thus to rob his information.


Extortion although also is common as a conventional crime, is the action to threaten or to make believe to the people something to secure any type of or, is material money or.


Although hacking is a very extensive branch, generally is to accede illegally to information of third parties without its consent, that is to say, these data can be stored in sites as computers, cell phones, or any computer science device and of communication.


These consist of organizing a plan to obtain or, but, always using illegal methods as part of that plan, being able to be these, the impersonation of identity or the promises false to be able to realise the plan.

Child pornography

This it deals with the diffusion by any computer science system of material related to the pornography of juniors, which is an extremely serious crime and of much weight.

Drug traffic

To use the networks or any computer science system to spread or to facilitate the use of traffic of any illicit substance also is punished by the law.


This subject is very delicate since many people it usually take themselves lightly, but is something that is not due to do, since there are cases of this type that arrive at the end. To insult, to harass, to abuse, or to threaten a person. These cases have been growing lately being something very dangerous.


This he is one of the most common cases, even, until you it you could have committed, with the simple fact to unload a music in mp3 without unloading it these committing this crime. To infringe in the author rights to unload content without consent of the author and to commercialize it is a very serious crime.

Nevertheless, these are only the frequented types more in the networks, but a classification exists that is recognized officially by the Organization of the United Nations who only includes in her crimes three types of acts.

  • Computer science crimes recognized by the Organization of the United Nations
    These are the three crimes that the UN recognizes as computer science fraud or call cybercrime.
  • Frauds committed by use of computer science equipment: They are all those crimes that contemplate to the subtraction of data or robbery of identity, all these enter the hood of input data. The modification or manipulation of programs or computer science systems without consent to execute illicit aims.
  • The information or data manipulation of exit or the modification and assembly of false cards, for example for wrecks to ATM, and finally the manipulation of information in computer science systems.

Data manipulation of entrance: This happens when intelligence datas of third parties of digital way in computer science systems are altered, an example of it is the falsification of any type of file or legal document using some computer science system.