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auditory drugs

What are the Auditory Drugs and that would have to know of them?

It would sound a madness but he is real, has become a fashion in the last years, very used by the adolescents and very spread in the social networks auditory drugs. They exist and one is sounds that when listening to them make you feel the effects of many of present drugs without the necessity to physically prove them.

These auditory drugs had origin of a practice of the 1800    call “binaurales pulses” at first were used to deal with the upheavals anxiety or the depression, was very used to treat psicóticas conducts in those times, these were different waves of sound that they obstruct in each one of the ears.

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What are this auditory drug type?

Then if you take to short while doing to you that question, with taste I respond it. These are tracks of audio able to induce sensations to our brain by means of sounds of different frequencies, by means of the use of the ear and of sounds that alter their state of perception. Their inventors created this drug type to induce effects as the marijuana or the cocaine without having to ingest those substances.

Most impressive he is than all a great library of these tracks exists and each makes you feel different effects from different narcotic types without the necessity to put you in the legal problems or to have to pay by drugs.

How work the auditory do drugs?

As I mentioned it before, these have their origin of the binaurales pulses, which consists of a track that generates sounds with different frequencies in each one of the ears, which causes that the senses of the ear are altered, as those of the direction, which causes dizziness and also alters to the brain which gets to bring about hallucinations.

Because it is needed a wave of different sound in each ear is necessary the use of earpieces, and while of better quality they are better it will be the effect than they provide. As these are based on the binaurales tones, the creators of this phenomenon only used the same principle and in addition to that they published the sound waves in computer to obtain the wished effects.

Consequences to use auditory drugs

One assumes that when began to create the binaurales waves to deal with patients depression or anxiety, sometimes, very few occasions, had attacks of tachycardia, tremors, dizziness, etc. But that was in the worse one of the cases, those can continue being the consequences, but nothing of this happens, is possible that the effects are had that describes the track of audio, and therefore, that is a success their use.

Despite a that by the moments does not exist anything, any type of study or test that shows that to use this drug type they are injurious for the health, since they do not degenerate neither they degrade since the conventional drugs do it, therefore are not considered as illegal and is by them that are exhibited in Internet of free way, and even its commerce.

Although this does not mean that they are not totally harmful since there are some affirm that it can generate severe addiction, and therefore a dependency that ends up becoming ill to the user, in addition to that, in the long run can generate epileptic attacks and neurosis when its use is very prolonged, although does not exist much diffusion on this subject.

Auditory drug market

It is not to be surprised that around all this a market has been created, normally this drug type were used for therapeutic aims since many affirm that it serves to cure psicóticos states as the anxiety, the insomnia, the attention deficit, and they even help to increase your intellectual coefficient.

But outside this, they exist another type of companies, for example, the famous company that controls this market. I-doser that specializes in investigating and creating binaurales tracks that simulate drug effects, since he is something very requested by the public, which generated to them much money to them.

Due to this they have its own market, since they get to sell this type of tracks as if they were songs, inclusively have applications for Smartphones that handle all the tracks and they classify them and they give extra characteristics you to listen to them, these even have versions payments. For this reason, tracks exist that are gotten to even sell by eight dollars or more, and is a market very resorted.

Thanks to this the controversy between specialists and investigators has arisen. Famous scientists affirm that studies do not exist that confirm that this type of sounds really causes an effect, saying that they are not more than the effect placebo to deceive people (if you do not know that it is the effect placebo, an example of it is when a tablet of sugar occurs him to somebody patient and says that it was cured with her. Then everything was in its mind always).

They are possible to be obtained in the network?

Then if, as I shelp it before, they are not considered illegal, therefore its commerce is free, you even can find tracks free, but there are companies that sell the best tracks, since they are done by specialistic professionals and in the subject, you can investigate on these companies, in Internet are related them much, they even can have gratuitous tracks, and also in the movable devices usually there are applications of these in the stores of applications.

In many parts of Internet you can find this content free, for example, in YouTube there is a pile of this type of tracks of gratuitous way, in Internet there are hundreds of sites to unload and that also offer quality content

If you want to experiment as one feels to use those drugs but you have you do not want to prove them, because you have the possibility of making just by listen to it them, although beforehand I tell you that you must have well-taken care of with his use and not abuse them, because all the drugs finish being harmful.

In order to finalize I let the used auditory drug types to you more, which usually are the marijuana, the amphetamines, the cocaine and the LSD, that is the used auditory drugs more, nevertheless can have tracks that cause the effect to you of simple substances as the one of caffein or the one of the alcohol.

Drug Auditory Marijuana

Drug Auditory Cocaine

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