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As Raising Photos Instagram from the Computer

as raising photos instagram from ordenadore

Of insurance you are a very active user of the famous social network Instagram, if you are reading this then of insurance you want to know how how to raise photos instagram from the computer, or is because you lost your cellular one, or by simply curiosity of how it can be this possible one being this so exclusive social network for mobiles. Then it is possible, and here in this article we will show some methods to you that will be used for being able to raise images to you instagram from the PC.

As raising photos instagram from the PC with this Method of the movable version

If these from a computer, and you look for to enter instagram and to be able to raise photos thence, well is known that not it is possible, but nevertheless is a small trick to be able to do this and now I am going it to you to say, consists of changing to the webpage to a page movable versions, that is to say, to use the page of instagram as if you were in a cellular one, you will ask yourself How made is this? Then it pays attention:

  • The first step will be to enter the page of instagram, when you are there you can be loguear (to enter) in your account.
  • After already opening your account, you will be in home of the page of instagram, next you will click right and you would select in the menu the option to inspect.
  • A window will be opened in which they will appear several pictures and codes of source of the page, in the part of above of this window there is a menu of options with different tools, to the left absolutely in this menu you would find two icons, one of a screen desktop and another one of a mobile with squaring behind (or a Tablet), it selects this second and it will be put in blue.
  • It recharges the webpage and you will be able to enjoy instagram in a movable version, as if you opened the page from your cell phone.
  • It enters your profile and it selects the option to add, and ready, you will be able to raise an image.

This method would not only work to raise you a photo simultaneously, you cannot raise videos nor apply filters, either cut, to move the image and only raise it. This method this explained in Google Chrome navigator, but nevertheless, does not happen to be the explanation of its procedure.

For any case, best and the fastest thing than you can do is to change the “www” of the URL by a letter “m” and that this is something thus (, which will qualify the movable version.

Application for Windows 10

One better way to use instagram in your computer can be that you have one laptop or hybrid Tablet with a back camera, for it you must accede to the store of applications of Windows and only unload Instagram, in the part of underneath the application will leave some icons to you, among them more (+) in means, there him you can click and it will let raise a photo to you.

Applications of third parties to raise images instagram from the PC

Another way is to use applications of third parties, that serve as intermediary to use instagram in a computer and power to raise photos, one of them is Gramblr, one of its advantages is that it allows to raise several photos you and to even publish them with his filters, the disadvantage is that to the being an application of third parties you can be setting out your data and information deprived when registering you in her.