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10 Games Multiplayer Android To play with friends Online

games to play with friends

Games To play with friends with your Android Mobile

The games multiplayer Online are a form to avoid the difficult moments since it is entertained and on the intelligent telephones android or this is crucial for the entertainment and at unique moments to enjoy with friends.

When free time is had or a little while available of the routine agenda anyone of the available ones can be opened and we began to play. In addition, when playing it is only entertained, to play with friends reaches a new level in diversion since the competitiveness improves everything.

In the market numerous games multiplayer for your mobile exist where to defy to your friendly it is a main subject or even the way of only player against a specific group. Next we will show the games to you that head our main list of the best games to multiplayer than they even work with data or Wi-Fi and, the majority of these are possible to be lowered free of charge, only with some costs already within the game.

10 Games To play with friends Online

Call of champions

One is a multiplayer game that next to a team of players will fight against a trio rival in a wild battle. You will be able to be armed with the incredible world of the Death and will be able to use to demolish the enemy towers while your rivals will try to carry out the same task without mattering what pass.

The person who gain the victory is first in demolishing the enemy towers. The confrontations last a pair of minutes and the entrance to the combats can be repeated so many times is desired since there is no limit. There are other characters who are due to unblock as advance in the game or to buy themselves with real money.


This multiplayer game online has revolutionized the market since it is possible to be advanced without the necessity to invest money in the game; this it consists of acquiring letters that you can improve of level while more is obtained, you will be able to create your clan and to even compete with your friendly in friendly battles where the opposite towers in addition to defending the own ones are due to destroy to gain the victory with much strategy and tactics.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This game is considered one of the best ones in its class since the masses have chosen to unload it and to share it with their friendly, its sort is the one of races of cars and the scene can change in addition to the incredible tracks, stations and maneuvers that can be realised in equipment. Its multiplayer way includes until quotas for 8 people, through the connection of data by Internet or in its defect wifi.

Word Chums

The games of words never happen fashionable so that this game to arrived to remain with much force since he is totally gratuitous, contains graphs of great quality, the entertainment level can be competed against bots of the game or be elevated competing in maximum multiplayer way against 4 people; the sounds of this game are unique in their version, in addition to including a dictionary that improved the lexicon of the person who uses this game.

Real Basketball

This game is for the addict ones to the sport games and it could not lack in the list since he is really popular between the masses in the present. This it is possible to be unloaded simply by Google Play apart from which he offers good graphs, his multiplayer way enjoys a good way reason why it is easy to share funny moments with your friendly, in this include good personalizables characters, balls and scenes.

Clash of Clans

This game offers a small way campaign, but the true action is in the multiplayer way where you will be able to initiate wars of clans with your friendly. The game consists of devastating the enemy villages completely although also the own village will be object of the million active players when a shield is not had.

The game offers the option to invest real money to advance faster, nevertheless this option is not required if it is wanted to enjoy the game day to day without much effort since you can leave the game and this it will continue with the constructions in the village.

Dungeon Hunter 5

It is a multiplayer game that contains graphs of excellent quality never before seen;  this is 5ta gives of a saga of games created by Gameloft, their captive history and in the network is available an amount of tricks to advance between the dungeons and to obtain hallucinating arms.

To share with friends in this game is simple since in its ways it includes one cooperative and one PVP where it is the true diversion that it attracts the players who look for epic and incomparable battles.


This it is a game with an old of questions and answers but carried out style with a tremendous performance since it contains másde 500 specific subjects at the disposal of the user. So it spends his time in entertaining itself with this game for people who wish to put their intelligence on approval, its multiplayer way connects individuals worldwide.


This it is a game with a somewhat different way than it is expected normally of the games for Android since its style is of an atmospheric platform with a touch góticocon opaque colors or shady that reached to position to this game it enters the most unloaded international level.

Account with simple graphs but with good definition to appreciate important details in addition to its way multiplayers where they become jumbled to the friendly since this he is offline, so that the companions must alternate themselves enters the different levels.

Chess Free

It is always important to return to the old games but reconstructed from modern way in the devices androids, since the chess in specific can be enjoyed different forms by that appreciate it. In this case the graphs improve the experience and its multiplayer way in line has the virtue of being able to connect the companions with whom it is desired to play, reason why to play with friends never was as easy as it is it in this game.