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Wiseplay, List of Channels for Android and PC

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What is Wiseplay and how it works?

As I shelp before, Wiseplay is a content reproducer multimedia, this allows the reading of a great amount of video formats, in addition it allows to reproduce content that lodges in other servers using a service of Streaming like platforms as Netflix, nevertheless, in this you will not have to pay to use it, in addition allows the visualization of contents in high resolution, and even, in its last updates allows the content reproduction 3D, videos in 360º and even virtual reality.

It works generally as another reproducers, since it allows to see all the videos you that you have in your cell phone or Android device, nevertheless, most exceptional of this application it is the use of the lists since these are those that allow to see all that content of which I speak of gratuitous way, from television channels to series and films you by which you would have to pay to see them.

What are the lists of Wiseplay?

Then, briefly, are archives created by users worldwide, are not people related to the application, they are only usuary of them who create some ready that are generally in .txt format but in them there are directions of the material multimedia that dictates the list, these usually they are divided by types, generally reason why they contain, being able to be ready of sports, films, series and even of television channels of payment.

The content of these lists is generally in formats that are unique of the application, such as .w3u or .m3u and even a format .wise. As I shelp before everything is created by users common that these lists raise the Internet generally, than in forums specialized more in this content and related webpages to Wiseplay.

The lists of Wiseplay are updated once in a while, thus it is necessary that you also update them so that functions, many of them are free although also there are some of payment, or even there are many free happen to be of payment, but this does not mean that all the content is payment, in fact is the other way around.

How to unload and to use lists of Wiseplay?

If not yet you know how how to do this, we will explain it to you, first that everything you must know how to add lists to your Wiseplay, for it, when entering the application, normally it will be a button to add ready, which is “a +” plus sign you will have to press the button, and it will give the option you to add the URL of where the list is lodged, this is the most common option, you stick it and you will have your list of ready Wiseplay to use. Nevertheless also it serves using the scanner as QR, you can read code QR of where the list is located and will be able to enjoy this list.

Also you are asking yourself, of where and as I can unload these lists for Wiseplay, surely you would think that the own application counts on a complete market of them, but no, as I shelp before, these lists not these related to the application, are the people those that create these lists and they publish them by long and wide it of the Internet.

  • How To unload Wiseplay of the Play Store
  • Webpages exist and forums with a great amount of lists, of all types, are distributed generally thus:
  • Lists wiseplay of sports
  • Lists wiseplay of Films
  • Lists wiseplay of Series
  • Lists wiseplay of documentary
  • Lists wiseplay of documentary

Lists wiseplay of infantile content

Lists wiseplay of TV channels

All this contained can even be found by the Internet, and more, so I invite to you that you look for all the lists that you like.

How to unload Wiseplay in my Movable device?

  • Then if there are reading carefully, you know that it is an exclusive device for smartphones or tablets, so its unloading can be done directly and free from the store of applications:
  • Wiseplay in Android

To enter PlayStore with your account and to look for Wiseplay in the finder. Also you can enter the official webpage of Wiseplay in which there is a direct link to the application for Android and iOs.

  • After which you locate the application in the PlayStore you can give the button to unload and this will unload in your device.
  • Wiseplay in iOs

It enters the AppStore and it looks for the Wiseplay application. Like in Android, you can go to the official page of the application and it opens a connection to unload it.

After locating it unloading the application in your device iOs

It remembers that I shelp you that only was available in intelligent devices, but for surprise of many also some of them exist intelligent televisions even count on Android or iOs, so in them also you can unload this application directly, you prune to send apk directly to your TV Android or to unload it of the Playstore as usual, and the same passes with the devices iOs.

  • Now, the best thing of this is than the possibility exists of unloading it in the computer, since the telephone is not a very comfortable device to see this since we would like to see it in greater screens, therefore, exists the possibility of doing it, but not as you create. You would need to unload an emulator to execute apk thence.
  • Wiseplay in PC
  • First that everything we will unload an emulator, in the official page of the application it recommends to us to unload the BlueStacks emulator, therefore, we will go to its official site and we will unload it.
  • Now that we unloaded BlueStacks we can begin to open our virtual machine and to execute Android in our computer.

As following step we will open the Play Store and we will look for the Wiseplay application or simply we unloaded the APK and we executed it in the BlueStacks.

After this we will install the application and all ready one, we will be able to use Wiseplay in our computer and power to enjoy all characteristics in a much more great screen that the one of our movable device.

  • Interface of Wiseplay
  • After unloaded the application you will have an interface very intuitive and very easy to understand in its interface you were with three eyelashes, next it will explain to you so that they serve:
  • First: It serves to reproduce all the archives of audio and videos that are more in the device that these using, and in the format that you need, these formats are AAC, ABI, DIVX, H264, HEVC, MKV, MOV, MP3, MP4, OGG, MPG and.

Second: It is a species of navigator of internal Internet of the application so that you do not have to change of application to sail by Internet, and the reproducer of the application in a great amount of IP allows you to reproduce a great amount of content multimedia using.

And third: Most important, this is the application that allows to add, to see and to reproduce our lists us, all the lists that we put will be here and here also we will be able to add more lists.

Other useful advice.

Although your television is not intelligent exist equipment that connect him and they do it a device able to execute certain applications and they give some extra utilities him as dlna, which is a wireless method of connection that is used between devices and you can connect your telephone to the television to see the lists from the comfort of your television.

Also there are other devices as the Chromecast, that work with this same method but it has been known some problems since they do not support all the formats that the application allows, thus some content is not possible to be executed.

A thing that I tell you is that the lists do not work for always, since when being these using illegal methods to transmit content of payment of gratuitous way, many are terminated, for that reason you must look for the most updated to secure a functional content.

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