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As Improving the Quality of an Image

as improving the quality of an image

If you are reading this article is because you perhaps do tried to modify or to improve the quality of an image online or to change to him to the resolution to a photo and realising this procedure loses all the details of that photography, good in this article will help to solve that problem you so that the image has one better quality.

As Improving the Resolution of an Image

Many programs by all the Internet exist that make this type of work of automatic form and very simple but the majority of which they do a good work is of payment, but there are tools as it marinates photoshop that can improve the quality of image of professional and simple form with some simple steps:

  1. To open Adobe Photoshop CC (it works in all the versions)
  2. It comes to look for and to open your image of low defocused resolution or
  3. It presses CRTL+J to duplicate the layer
  4. Soon you go to Filters/others/high step with an intensity of 15
  5. You will see that the image position of dark color and must yourself change of normal way to way smooth light.
  6. Once completed all these steps we come to give approach to our image
  7. We go to filters/to focus/approach mask and in amount we put 120 and 1,0 ratio of threshold 0 these is the suitable values to improve the quality of photo.

As Improving the Quality of Image in Photoshop

There are times in which we must send an attached document and this document must of being an image, but this portal requires an image of very under size and the one that we have exceeds the amount that indicates this portal to us.

Example: The portal is requesting us an image of good resolution. but that weighs but of 1MEGABYTE but not to put a stricter situation exists portals that request an image of quite low resolution as 100kb and is here where the situation is complicated,

but calm we will help you! First that you must do it is to follow these steps:

  • It opens to the hi-res image in photoshop.
  • The Tool chooses of Cuts (c) so that you realise a square cut to him.
  • After cutting it Presiona key CRTL + ATL+ I (Saldra a window where you will be able to modify the size and the resolution)
  • For documents as the most recommendable national identity document and invoices is to give him to a size 1500 xs 1500 px and its resolution in 300.
  • Once it is in accepting the image automatically will change its size by the assigned one and depending the weight that you need you can be playing with these values.

As Increasing the Quality of Image Online

We will show 3 to you Web where you can increase the quality of an image in very few steps and of very simple form.

Vectormagic an excellent tool and very easy to use that it improves the quality of image of automatic form just by to raise it the portal in a few minutes already you will have improved the resolution of your images.

Very good Vectoriza paginates since if you are taking yourself this very enserio is worth the pain to pay a minimum amount of money to use this platform that you can vectorizar your images and obtain an excellent quality of image.

Autotracer another page very simple to use where the process is automatic only you must raise your image and increases the quality of the photo immediately and you can unload them in several different formats pdf, EPS, SVG, DXF and XFIG 3.2.

My recommendation is that you use Vectormagic since is the best tool than I have used until the moment very recommended.